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The Excel Version of the Directory of Japanese Business in Europe can be used for direct and/or  selective mailings to all the listed companies and institutions for the chosen country. The data can be revised and changed by the user.  


The number of addresses - it can always vary somewhat as the directory is being constantly revised

Each address costs 0,12 €. The Excel Data Files can be bought by country. There is a basic charge of 10 € for an order, covering the preparation and coding, independently of the number of addresses or countries which are bought.

Especial offer: All Excel Files (6721!) of the Directory of Japanese Business in Europe for a flat rate of only 500 € + VAT (19%)

That is only 62 % as the the country by country price (807 € + VAT)

* If you have EU VAT number and inform us then we only charge 500 € and no VAT






Test It!


You can download a trial Excel Document (named excelltrial) to see the offered information format  and to test your operational capability with this data:

Attention the trial Excel Document and those which we can send you can only be opened with a password , in this trial it is simply excelltrial

 1) If you already have an Excel Program in your PC please click: excelltrial

2) Otherwise for an optimum search and reading you have to download first (free) the  Excell Viewer from www.microsoft.com

When in the Microsoft Website choose in download categories:Home & Office, then chose the Excell Viewer 2008 and download

After  installation click excelltrial

If you order the described Excell Version we will send you per separate E-mail

1) The Excel Documents for the requested countries listed in the Directory of Japanese Companies and Institutions in Europe.

2) Your own Password for opening this data.

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